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The new innovation of Vamo V5 compared to previous versions

The Vamo V5 uses the body style of the Vamo 2 which is cool. The Vamo 3 introduced some great electronics and a new OLED screen, but the body was weird with these stripped swirly lines. For whatever reason we skipped a Version 4 and went straight to the Vamo V5. So essentially V5 is a Vamo 2 body with Vamo 3 electronics. There is also a removable top that makes it easy to get ego mods on and off.

Since it came out, the Vamo V5 is significan because it delivers up to 15 watts of power. And it is one of the early mods to offer variable wattage. However, the vamo couldn't handle sub-ohm atomizers and the power was pulse width modulation based. That seems to be a little disadvantage. Still the vamo v5 is extremely well built and feels solid in the hand. And it does have a small extension tube that lets you switch between using an 18650 battery and an 18350.


Choose e-cig as a better alternative or helper for quitting smoking

When the user inhales, this equipment activates the atomiser, which heats up the e-liquid converting it into vapour which can then be ‘smoked’. Smoking an e-cigarette can also be referred to as ‘vaping’. The e-cigarette cartridge will be durable for a different amount of time for each user, depending on how heavy a smoker they are. Those smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day may find it more affordable to buy refillable cartridges and bottles of e-liquid to fill the cigarette.

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity and are a great alternative to smoking real cigarettes. Because they can be used anywhere, even indoors, they are convenient, and the fact that they do not contain tobacco, tar or any of the chemicals found in traditional cigarettes indicates that they are a healthier alternative.

Many people turn to e-cigarettes to quit smoking, gradually reducing their nicotine intake over time, but e-cigarettes can also be used as a long-term replacement to traditional cigarettes. Their wide range of flavours and strengths, as well as the stylish designs available, has ensured that they are a popular choice with smokers of all ages.


The first thing for jumping out of cigarette addiction is to correct smoking-cessation attitude

Many smokers know that smoking poses hazard to health, makes themselves become unpopular with friends, also bear additional economic burden, but they have failed repeatedly to stop smoking. So many people hope to take electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation aid instead of cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are mostly made of the thing with the same appearance as cigarette, containing nicotine, propylene glycol and some spices, producing similar taste as cigarettes, but without harmful tar and suspended particles, also do not arise secondhand smoke. Many users show: after using electronic cigarette, breathing improved, the body also reflected better. The cigarette after being ignited will send thousands of toxic chemical composition, many kinds are harmful on the human body, including 10 types of carcinogenic substance. In contrast, the electronic cigarette only include the addicted substance, nicotine, also will not generate obvious second-hand smoke, and effects of nicotine in electronic cigarette on cardiovascular seems less than cigarettes. So it can be easily accepted by the public. Although the relevant authority of the health institutions think that its role still remains confirmed, but we can not deny its widely popularity and the existing smoking cessation aid effect. Learn about the relevant product information of popular e-cig, Vamo V5 Advanced Personal Vaporizer.

There exist a variety of reasons for smoking, such as curiosity, imitation, under the "environmental pressure", thinking that smoking can be refreshing and smoking is graceful. Some smokers have personality defects in some aspect and psychological problems, to solve in the wrong way when encountering setbacks, such as smoking etc.. Suggestions for smokers who want to quit that learn to face with setbacks, have a clear cognition of harmfulness of smoking, give up the fluky psychology "I won't be caught in lung cancer", improve the ability of self control, which helps to kick the habit.


So much solid evidence to quit smoking for good

Tobacco tar refers to a layer of brown gunge accumulated in cigarette holder of smokers, commonly known as smoke. Cigarette tar generated in the process of smoking, about takes up 1 ~ 6 per thousand of the former tobacco weight. Cigarette tar is the product of incomplete combustion of organic matter under hypoxic conditions, is a mixture of extremely complex oxides, sulfides and nitrides many hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon. Including benzo pyrene, arsenic, cadmium, beta naphthalene, amines, nitrosamines and radioactive isotopes, also a variety of carcinogens and phenol, fumaric acid and other promote-cancer material. Although the amount is minimal, but with the characteristic of often, repeated, long-term accumulation.

Cancer: the identified carcinogens, can cause human body cell mutation, inhibit the body's immune function, which have been proved by medical research. In 70 male lung cancer incidence rate of 21.64/10 million, until 80's rise to 38.95/10 million, an increase of nearly 80%. The annual growth rate of Lung cancer incidence is 5.88%.

Accelerate vascular sclerosis: human aging is a decade-old process, in these decades, vascular gradually will harden, loss of elasticity; this process is irreversible, usually taking care products can only delay, but can not renew your youth and a certain amount of tar composition is dissolved in the blood of smokers, acting on the vascular wall, acceleration hardening of the arteries, are more sensitive for cerebrovascular and cardiovascular these fragile parts, in recent years, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease is the first killer of affecting people's health and has a direct relationship with the cigarette. Vamo V5 without the process of combustion, can reduce the harm from kinds of harmful chemical substances. Also it can be regarded as a stop-smoking aid, gradually helping you get rid of tobacco rid. Check the product's reviews on Vamo V5 Review.


Step-by-step quitting smoking may be the best choice

Researchers have found another reason to quit smoking: within 12 hours after a person smoked the last cigarette, compared to non smokers, the brain oxygen uptake and blood flow will significantly decrease. In view of this situation, gradually cutting down on smoking may be the best choice to avoid the serious influence of the withdrawal syndrome.

Regular smokers will experience almost Alzheimer's-like condition in the early a few hours after quitting smoking. This may be very unpleasant experience, and it may be one of conditions why smoking cessation is so difficult. Smokers to relapse may not be to get happy effect, but simply because the symptoms of withdrawal is difficult to bear. Nicotine, a chemical substance in cigarettes, is addictive. Research shows that, when a person first started smoking, brain activity began to increase. But the brain adapts quickly to the brain stimulation, then the effect disappears. After a long time, many users of drugs will no longer to experience the effects of drug therapy - such as antidepressants. However, the result of interruption of treatment is still likely to be overwhelming, if the withdrawal symptoms make smokers unpleasant. Choose our Vamo V5 to get through the tough withdrawl symptoms and free nicotine dependence.

Long-term smokers need to continue smoking only in order to make their brain functions normal. With the passage of time, ever smokers will eventually lose the dependence on nicotine, but we still don't know how long it takes to make their brains return to the normal energy consumption and blood flow. The new findings show that, gradually stopping smoking may be a good idea - this is just to avoid the worst withdrawal symptoms. So withdrawal symptoms make it so difficult to adhere to stopping smoking. That smoking is harmful can be embodied in almost every aspect of the body. Cancer, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are just a few evidence-sufficient diseases caused by smoking. So hurry to choose scientific method of quitting smoking.


Using electronic cigarettes is the best choice to quit smoking

It is not hard to hear about all the ways that smoking is injurious to personal health. The messages are delivered everywhere-from our doctors, schools, media and even the cigarettes themselves. Still, nearly one out of five Americans is still smoker. Indeed, smoking does more harm than good, it seems that people especially men are addicted into smoking and ignore the negative aspects of nicotine cigarettes. Presumably, the majority of smokers have tried to quit smoking and ended in failure, there is no doubt that getting rid of smoking habit of years requires courage, determination and perseverance. Nevertheless, as long as you stick to the smoking cessation plan, you can achieve the goal.

It is recommended that electronic cigarettes can be taken as an alternative to conventional cigarettes. For starters, the dozens of carcinogens and hundreds of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes are not present in electronic cigarettes; there is no tar, no tar and no lash. Since there is nothing to light, you don’t need to carry around matches and lighters, in addition, because there is no fame, there is no ash which is the source of lingering smells, the electronic cigarettes have removed many of the negative aspects that are related to smoking tobacco cigarettes, while giving user a similar sensation of inhaling and exhaling smoke.

In addition, using electronic cigarettes can help you say goodbye to yellow teeth, bad breath and so on, and it has fewer toxic substances than traditional cigarettes, and it is nicotine-free, so it is safer and healthier than traditional cigarettes. One of the major benefits of electronic cigarettes over conventional cigarettes is the large cost savings that can be gained by switching. Switching to electronic cigarettes can save a smoker over $1400 per year, or $116 per month. Of course your savings will vary depending on how much you smoker and what state you live in-however most US residents will see substantial savings by switching some of their smoking habits to electronic cigarettes.

It is worth mentioning that smoker can have a try on VamoV5 , which is the latest version among electronic cigarettes, it is reasonably priced variable voltage and wattage, and it features battery-powered device with extension tank, and it also characterizes the mental design and LCD screen, and it is too hard to find people who don’t like this version, its practicability and convenience drawn international world, and you can be assure to use it. And once you use Vamo V5 APV, you won’t suffer relapse, your health will be greatly improved.